Understanding Journey Reports

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A customer journey is a story about understanding your customer's behavior. And how they behave while they visit your eCommerce store. You can track actions your customers take as events while visiting your website or your app. Events record each time a customer takes an action such as adding a product to the cart or making a purchase. 

Once you start tracking events, you can track your customers and send them messages like Email, Web Push, Mobile Push, and SMS based on their actions.  

NotifyVisitors helps companies to understand the customer journey and send messages at each customer touch point. 

Now, Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Journey> Analytics.

Select any journey for which you would like to analyze the report and click on the three dots.

Understanding the Journey Analytics

The upper section of the dashboard provides you an insight into the TOTAL ENTRIES, TOTAL EXITS, TOTAL IN JOURNEY, TOTAL GOAL and TOTAL EXPIRE. Let’s understand each term in detail.  

TOTAL ENTRIES - The total number of prospects who have entered the customer journey. For example, the total number of audiences who have performed Entry Trigger, that is, added a pair of shoes to their cart. 

TOTAL EXITS - The total number of users who have exited from the customer journey. For example, the total number of audiences who have performed the Exit Trigger, that is, removed the added pair of shoes from the cart and their cart is empty. 

TOTAL IN JOURNEY - The total number of users who are still in the customer journey. 

TOTAL GOALS - The total number of users who have completed the goal in the customer journey. For example, purchasing the shoes is the goal, so the total number who have performed this action is "Total Goals".

TOTAL EXPIRE - The total number of users who were inside the journey but haven't performed any desired action nor they have completed any goal. Those users expire from the journey after a configured number of days.

Channel Comparison

In the NotifyVisitors dashboard, you can filter the data based on the date. Here data means the type of message that is sent to the user which can be an email, a web push, an app push, or an SMS.


You can compare the statistics like unique number of link clicks, unique open rate, sent, delivered, or bounced off the different channels like an email or SMS. You can also monitor which channel is generating more conversions and revenue for you.

Campaign Comparison

You can view the detailed report of any campaign be it an email, SMS, or push by clicking on the campaign name. In the report you’ll see the Campaign name, tracking information, Unique open, Unique click, Total open, Total sent, Total delivery, Total clicks, etc. You can also filter the data. You can also track which campaign is getting you more conversions and revenue.

Day Wise Channel Comparison

You can compare the channel data day-wise also. You might want to compare your two channels on 26th July and another on 28th July.

Daily Entry / Exits

You can segregate the data based on the total no of user entries, exits and goals in the customer journey.


Export Data

Finally, you can export the data for your email campaign on your local machine in the form of a CSV file to analyse further.

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