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An email preheader is a concise piece of text that follows the sender’s information and the subject line. Its purpose is to summarily convey to the reader what the content of an email is all about. Since it is one of the first few things that readers glance at when they initially view an email in their inbox, it holds the potential to either convince them or dissuade them from opening an email. So, in a way an email preheader is akin to a catchy subject line which should be riveting and intriguing enough to draw the receivers’ attention and ultimately encourage them to open and read the email campaign. 

An email with a dull, boring and an improperly phrased preheader is much likely to be ignored by the receivers and this in turn defeats the very purpose of the sent email campaign. On the other hand a well thought out, skillfully phrased preheader can pique the interest of the receivers and thereby motivate them to finally click open and read the email. This is what makes the proper defining and framing of an email preheader so essential for the ultimate success of your email campaigns.

In case you do not define your custom preheader, then the email service provider (ESP) would select the very first line of text present within your email campaign’s body as the preheader by default. Kindly note that the first line of text within your campaigns may or may not be captivating enough to entice the receivers to click open and read the forwarded emails. For this particular reason, we recommend that as a best practice you prepare and include preheaders in advance while configuring and designing your email campaigns.

In order to make your preheaders more interactive and engaging, you can choose to include a relevant CTA (call to action) such as one offering a discount, you can leave an open-ended question such as one prompting the readers to provide their feedback or give a suggestion, you can add emojis to accentuate the emotion that is conveyed through your email campaign and you can even personalize the preheader around a specific client. This kind of flexibility in framing your email preheaders provides enough room for you to exercise your creativity to fashion them in the most appealing manner and thereby enhance your campaign’s open and click rates which in turn will undoubtedly boost conversions.

NotifyVisitors makes the process of defining custom preheaders incredibly convenient by providing you with a dedicated section for the same while you are designing and configuring the rest of your email campaign.

Email Preheader’s Appearance In The Inbox

Before we begin delineating the step by step process of including an email preheader in NotifyVisitors, we must ensure that you are well aware of where an email preheader actually appears and how it looks in the receiver's inbox. The appearance of an email preheader somewhat depends on the receiver's choice of device (desktop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch etc.) as well as on the receiver’s ESP and its corresponding app. However, the overall content and design of the preheader remains the same across all platforms and ESPs. Kindly check the images provided below to get a fair idea of how preheaders appear in the receivers’ inboxes.



How To Include An Email Preheader In NotifyVisitors

The step by step process of including an email preheader in NotifyVisitors is as follows: -

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Campaigns> Campaign.

2. Click on the ‘Email’ option present under the ‘Reach Users Via’ section.

3. Upon doing so, a new frame would appear on-screen wherein you can configure your email campaign in five consecutive steps viz. Recipients, Content, Review, Send or Schedule, Resend Setup.

4. Enter the required details & configure the settings within the ‘Recipients’ section and then click on the button titled ‘Continue To Content’.

5. In the ‘Content’ section, as the name suggests, you can design the content of your campaign. It is within this very section that you can also define the preheader for your email campaign via the dedicated input field titled ‘Email Preheader’.

6. Enter a well thought out, concise yet captivating preheader in the input field and if you wish you can even include emojis to go with the preheader text, in order to emphasize the emotion conveyed through your email campaign.

7. Enter the required details & configure the settings of the remaining three sections and finally deploy your email campaign with the customized preheader.

This way by providing you with a dedicated section for defining preheaders, NotifyVisitors makes it really convenient for you to deploy email campaigns with customized preheaders and thereby enhance your campaign’s open and click rates which in turn boosts conversions.

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