How to add coupon codes in sign-up form

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Capturing the attention of potential customers by incentivizing them to sign up for your services or products is a critical approach for business success. One effective strategy for achieving this goal is integrating coupon codes into sign-up forms.

Coupon codes serve as powerful incentives, motivating users to complete the sign-up process by offering discounts, special offers, or other exclusive deals. By utilizing NotifyVisitors' dynamic coupon code feature, businesses can offer personalized discount coupons upon signup.

In this guide, we will explore how businesses can effectively incorporate coupon codes in order to create engaging sign-up forms. From designing the form layout to configuring coupon code settings, NotifyVisitors empowers businesses to enhance user experience, drive conversions, and foster long-term customer relationships. 

Understanding personalized/dynamic coupon codes

Dynamic codes are unique, one-time use codes generated automatically by our system to provide personalized offers or discounts to customers. Unlike static codes, which remain the same for every user, dynamic codes are tailored to individual recipients, enhancing the level of personalization and security.

To incorporate dynamic coupons into the signup form, the initial step is to generate a list of coupons that includes distinct coupon codes.

Creating coupon list 

To access the coupon list, begin by navigating to the brand assets section within your NotifyVisitors dashboard. Once there, locate and click on the "coupons" tab. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the coupons you've created.

You can use any of your existing coupon lists or create a new one for signup forms.

To create a new coupon list, click on the "create coupon" section. Here, you'll encounter a popup that offers two different ways of generating coupons i.e. create shopify coupon or upload coupons.

Create shopify coupons

The first option caters specifically to Shopify users who have integrated their stores with NotifyVisitors. By selecting this option, you can effortlessly generate unique coupons. For a step-by-step guide to generating coupons via Shopify, kindly refer to our article titled "How to create unique coupon codes for Shopify."

Upload coupons

Alternatively, if you're using a different e-commerce platform or running your own website, you can opt to upload coupons manually via CSV. This method provides flexibility and convenience for users across various platforms. To learn more about this process, delve into the informative article titled "How to manually upload coupons in NotifyVisitors."

Adding coupon codes to signup form

Follow this process to add coupon codes to your signup form -

1. Design the signup form

To add coupon code to your signup form, you first need to design a form or edit your existing ones. For this access your NotifyVisitors dashboard and navigate to the onsite tab. Select the signup form, then the signup form tab, and click on the create signup form option. 

Alternatively, select the three-dotted button next to the existing forms and select basic details (to edit) or duplicate (to create a copy).

If you’ve selected the option to create new form, then kindly refer to our guide “How to design a signup form” to create one from scratch.

While designing your signup form, make sure to mention the discount offer in your form, as shown below.

Boost engagement by incorporating brevity, impactful language, and a sense of urgency into your discount message, such as:

  • "Unlock savings: Grab an instant 10% off coupon!"
  • "Immediate Benefits: Sign up now and receive 10% off!"
  • "Join & Save 10%: Your welcome gift awaits upon signing up!"
  • "Welcome aboard: Score 10% off with your first sign-up!"
  • "Exclusive Deal: Join us today for a 10% off coupon!"

2. Configure the Thank You Screen

After designing your form, click on “Save and Continue” to proceed to the thank you page. Customize the layout and content of the thank you screen, including any personalized messages or instructions for users, by following the same guide mentioned above.

Once your thankyou form is designed, it’s time to add coupon codes on this page i.e. when users fill up the signup form, they will see this thank you page with your message and discount code.

3. Add Coupon Code

To add personalized coupons to the thankyou page of your signup form, either click on an existing row or add a new row by utilizing drag and drop editor. Next, click on the row where you want to add the coupon code. A customization box will appear, allowing you to choose the coupon code option from the provided menu.

After choosing the coupon code option, you will have to select a coupon code list that we’ve created above. Choose the desired coupon code list and token from the dropdown menus provided. Lastly, click on submit.

4. Dynamic coupon code variable

After selecting your coupon code list, a dynamic variable will be added to your thank you page. This variable will be automatically replaced with a unique coupon code for each user.


If displaying coupon codes on the thank you screen isn't preferred, NotifyVisitors also offers the option to send unique codes to customers via email and SMS. To know more please refer to article “Sending coupons via Email and SMS” or refer to our recipe “Utilize dynamic coupon codes to boost signup form submissions” for an automated process.

5. Finish the setup

Once you've added the dynamic code, remember to click on save before moving on to configure other settings and targeting rules. After you've finished everything, click on save again and to make your signup form live, switch the inactive status button (located at the the top right) to active.


In conclusion, integrating coupon codes into signup forms is a powerful strategy to attract more subscribers. With NotifyVisitors' dynamic coupon feature, you can personalize offers, drive form submissions, and increase your user base. By following the outlined steps, you can effectively design signup forms, configure coupon settings, and seamlessly add dynamic coupon codes to the thank you page of your lead form, enhancing the user experience and maximizing signup form submissions.

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