Understanding Email Subscription Groups And Unsubscription Flow

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Email marketing is the most primitive and influential method to engage users, and it gives you effective results in terms of enhancing your brand value and higher conversion rates. But if you are sending your subscriber's unnecessary mails in bulk, there are fewer chances for their conversions. Also, they would be prompted to unsubscribe. 

In such a scenario, giving them the option to unsubscribe from emails they do not prefer to receive is inevitable. It will result in effective user engagement and gives your subscribers the freedom to choose what they are interested in. This way, your email marketing strategies would also work. Read this article to know how you can create unsubscription groups and how the unsubscriber flow works in NotifyVisitors.

How Does Email Unsubscription Flow Work In NotifyVisitors

The unsubscribe option has become important to make your audience feel that you understand and respect their preferences. Besides this, it helps businesses create personalized content and makes the whole process cost-effective.

In NotifyVisitors, when you click on the UNSUBSCRIBE, you will be redirected to the screen where all the subscription groups will be shown. Have a look at the below screenshot.

For example: If a user wants to receive only newsletters and doesn't want to receive promotional emails, then he can simply uncheck from unwanted subscription groups and Update his preferences.

Once the user Updates his preferences, he will be redirected to the Thank you page.

NotifyVisitors allows you to create subscription groups to enable users to choose only those emails which they want to receive in the future or to which they want to subscribe. Follow the below steps to create subscription groups.

Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard>Settings > Preference Pages> Subscription groups.

Click on "Create new subscription group" to create a subscription group for the email. Give it a title and description as shown below.

How To Customize The Unsubscribe Content For The Subscribers

Earlier you could only show a default or custom template to the subscribers. Now you can use the unsubscribe template and create content as per your requirements.

Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Preference Pages

You can customize the content for the Unsubscribe screen and Unsubscribe Confirmation Screen via the HTML editor.

Unsubscribe screen: You can change the content from the editor when you ask the users about their unsubscription preferences (whether they want to unsubscribe from all the groups or anyone amongst them) and their confirmation about it   

You can customize the content and add an image or logo by clicking on the Unsubscribe Screen

Unsubscribe Confirmation Screen: Earlier, you could only show the default content on the THANKYOU SCREEN, but now you can customize the Unsubscribe Confirmation Screen once the subscribers have added their preferences. Also, you can display the survey to the subscribers to know the in-depth reasons why they unsubscribed. You can adjust the size of the survey to make it device friendly.

You can select the survey from the drop-down menu as given below:

This is how the unsubscription email flow works in the NotifyVisitors panel. By setting the email templates, you can better understand the unsubscriber's preferences and improve their experience.

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