Understanding Email Subscription Preferences and Resubscription

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It's possible that when someone tries to unsubscribe, they might want to hear from you less frequently. Therefore,it is advised to include a preferences page link in the body of your email.  A full-fledged email campaign will surely provide its recipients with an option to update their email preferences. You can reduce unsubscribe rates by giving your subscribers the option to decide on which topic and how frequently they'd like to hear from you.

Business organizations include an unsubscribe option in emails for its recipient to unsubscribe from the mailing list. It plays quite a significant role in reducing the spam rates. Every marketer provides its customers an opportunity to decide whether they want emails from them or not. These days instead of using unsubscribe links to only unsubscribe, it can be utilized towards setting email preferences. The unsubscribe link will redirect its users to a preference page where they can set mailing preferences as per their choice. 

Customers can use unsubscribe option for the following purposes:-

- to update and re-update their preferences to receive email communication from a selected group or

- to completely unsubscribe from all groups in order to stop receiving emails from a particular sender or

- to resubscribe to emails where a contact unsubscribes by mistake

In this article you will learn about-

  1. How to setup preference page from NotifyVisitors dashboard for your email campaign

  2. Understanding the flow of setting up preferences

  3. Resubscribing to email or updating email preferences

How to setup the preference page from NotifyVisitors dashboard for your email campaign

NotifyVisitors facilitates its clients with a feature to set up preference pages according to their campaign requirements. Follow the steps below to set up preference pages-

  • Navigate to settings over the NotifyVisitors Dashboard

  • Select preference pages

Here you can create an unsubscribe screen and unsubscribe confirmation screen. This editor also supports HTML as well so that you can design it accordingly. 

Understanding the flow of setting up preferences

An unsubscribe option can be used by a customer to update or re-update their mailing preferences.

  • When a Customer wishes to unsubscribe from a given email and clicks the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

  • It will redirect the customer to the preference page where you can update and define your mailing preferences

  • Click on Update my preferences

  • After clicking on the Button, It will redirect to the confirmation page where the new Button added which is "UPDATE MY PREFERENCE AGAIN”

  • When the customer opts for this option it will redirect to the previous page. where customers can choose multiple groups to get communication or can choose Unsubscribe me from all mailing lists.

  • When the customer selects "unsubscribe me from all mailing lists", he will no longer receive email from the emailer and it will redirect to another confirmation page where the new Button is added which is "UPDATE MY PREFERENCE AGAIN" . If you click on this button it will redirect to the previous page.

Resubscribing to email or updating email preferences

You can resubscribe an unsubscribed email  in the following ways-

  1. Resubscribe via a previously sent Marketing email 

    • By default, a contact who has unsubscribed can resubscribe themselves by looking for a previous marketing email and changing their email preferences.

    • Every email footer should have a link to "Manage your preferences" to assist recipients in doing this.

    • They can re-join your email list by clicking this link, which will open a landing page with a manage preferences form. 

    • Then, to confirm the resubscription, you must send an email. (easy to do with automation)

  2. Resubscribe via a signup/opt-in form

    • When a contact cannot relocate a previously sent email, they can resubscribe through NotifyVisitors signup forms or popup form.

    • You can configure your form to recognize the email addresses of unsubscribed contacts. In this manner, you can direct them to a page with a statement verifying their opt-in status, such as "Looks like you've opted out of email communication. Get an email by clicking here and choosing to rejoin. Click here to know more about signup forms

    • This will enable you to group the subscriber into a particular email flow so they don't begin receiving your campaign's material from the beginning and get bored.

    • In order to increase the contact's interest and decrease the likelihood that they would unsubscribe again, you may also invite them to adjust their subscription options (such as interests or email frequency).

Thus, a preference link to your unsubscribe screen can prevent future unsubscribers from unsubscribing completely. Through this, you will be able to send emails to customers according to their preferences and maintain a healthy connection with them.

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