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NotifyVisitors has been trusted by clients worldwide; it combines email marketing and SMS marketing functionalities. Its powerful segmentation allows you to personalize your emails effectively. Through this software, you can plan, coordinate, automate, manage, and analyse your marketing efforts.

NotifyVisitors offers plans that suit your business. We believe in offering the best deals at the best prices. If you are new and want to explore, Notifyvisitors offers a free plan where you get access to all of the features. And when you feel like becoming a part of a paid plan, you can do that.

Know More About NotifyVisitors Billing Dashboard And Plans

1. The Free Plan enables you to get started and offers you an opportunity to understand all our features. In the Free plan, you can use all NotifyVisitors features without paying anything. You can Send 1000 emails/month to upto 1000 contacts and unlimited push notifications to upto 10,000 subscribers; also, you can upgrade your plan when you feel like doing so.

For the 'Free Plan' you have options to upgrade the plan. If you click on Modify subscription, then you will be redirected to the Billing Details, where you can upgrade the plan from Free Plan to Startup Plan, Growth Plan, Enterprise Plan.

2. The Startup Plan is best for expanding small and mid-size businesses focused on marketing activities using different channels. Just from $49/month and access to features like data exports, automated reports, and so on. In the Startup plan, you have options to increase the contacts limit upto 100k contacts and you also get Free email credits which are 15x of the number of contacts by simply clicking on the "Modify subscription" button.

How This Plan Works

The Startup plan's limit can go up to 1,00,000 contacts. If exceeding the limit, then we will ask you if you want to switch to the enterprise plan. Also, if you want to add more contacts, you just need to click on Pay Now. Once the payment has been done, your plan gets modified.

Note: The Pay Now option will only be available when you make any changes in the 'No. of Contacts'.

3. The Growth Plan is best suited for those businesses who also want to leverage SMS marketing as this plan allows SMS credits starting worth $25. Apart from this, it includes upto 5,000 contacts, 75000 email credits, unlimited web push, and unlimited on-site pop-ups.

Note: The limits for Contacts, Email Credits, and SMS Credits can be extended with further purchase.

4. The Enterprise plan is most suitable for high-volume senders who use SMS in their marketing mix. In this plan, you can send unlimited emails and manage the whole customer experience. Work with dedicated support and a Customer Success Manager (from 100K contacts) to take your business to the next level. For pricing, you can contact us at 

In the 'Enterprise Billing Dashboard', you get a dedicated account manager for the support, and you can simply ask him to upgrade your plan as per the requirements.

Once you raise the request for upgrading to the Enterprise plan, our team tries to reach you as soon as possible.

Contact-based Billing

The contact list comprises three types of contact profiles viz. subscribers, non-subscribers and un-subscribers.

Subscribers are those customers who consented or opted-in for email / SMS marketing communication with your organization. They can receive both marketing and transactional communication. We charge for subscribers.

Non-subscribers are those customers whose emails / mobile numbers are invalid or marked as ‘bounce’ and thereby they can’t engage in email / SMS communication with your organization.

Un-subscribers are those customers who intentionally opted out of email / SMS marketing communication with your organization. They can receive only transactional communication, if any. We do not charge for un-subscribers.

NotifyVisitors bills for subscribers only. We do not charge for un-subscribers and non-subscribers.

Note: Paid plans work as a monthly charge, based on your current number of subscribed contacts. The total count of subscribed contacts, places your organization in one of the predefined billing tiers. We do not charge for unsubscribed and non-subscribed contacts.

Billing Tiers

Number of contacts

Startups pricing in $

Growth pricing in $































More Than 1 lakh

Contact us at

Contact us at

Billing Dashboard And Payment System

To know more about your current plan and payment system, Navigate to the Notifyvisitors Dashboard> Organization > Billing.

In the Billing Dashboard, you can check your current subscription status. Moreover, you have an option to modify your subscription.

How To Modify Subscription In The Billing Dashboard

NotifyVisitors allows flexibility when it comes to the subscription. 

1. Downgrade Subscription

2. Upgrade Subscription

3. Cancel Subscription

Downgrade Subscription

In Downgrading Subscription, you can change the number of contacts required to a lower number, hence the cost of the plan will be reduced. When you downgrade to the cheaper plan, the plan changes from the next billing cycle.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example.

As you can see in the below screenshot, your current plan is Startup where you have 50,000 contacts.

But now you want to downgrade it to 30,000 contacts which means downgrading your current plan. In that case, you need to click on Modify Subscription and select the number of contacts you need in your new plan.

Now, click on Pay Now to proceed further.

Note: You will not be charged anything for downgrading your plan and the new plan will be effective from the next billing cycle.

Upgrade Subscription

In the case of Upgrading Subscription, if you want to increase the number of contacts or change your plan from Startup to Growth, you can simply Modify Subscription and you will be charged on a pro-rata basis and the plan will be upgraded with immediate effect.

For example, Suppose you are using the Startup plan with 30,000 contacts, but now you switched it to 50,000 contacts. In this case, your billing amount would be calculated as per both the plans (previous plan with 30,000 contacts and upgraded plan with 50,000 contacts) and the number of days you have used each plan.

Cancel Subscription

If you want to cancel your current subscription plan, you have an option to cancel the subscription. But, you will have the option to re-subscribe before the end of the current billing cycle. After the plan is canceled you can start a new subscription anytime with the existing account settings.

Note: Your plan will be cancelled before the next billing cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an option to select the billing tier?

NotifyVisitors endeavours to provide its customers with the finest email marketing experience. So, this feature has been implemented to provide customers the control over their pricing tier instead of being automatically assigned a tier based on their total billable contact count. Through this feature, customers can choose to pay for the exact degree of email outreach that they wish to have. Kindly note that we do not allow to send campaigns in case the number of uploaded contacts exceed the contact limit prescribed for the chosen billing tier. In other words, once you have selected a specific billing tier, you will be limited in the number of contacts to whom you can dispatch email campaigns and automations and also in the number of email credits you get for a month.

Why do I receive my bill in a different currency?

NotifyVisitors charges its customers in USD. However, your bank might convert the charge to the local currency if applicable.

Can I upload more than 1000 contacts if I opt for the Free Plan?

Yes, you can upload more than 1000 contacts, in case you opt for the NotifyVisitors’ Free Plan. However, you will not be able to send campaigns. In order to send campaigns to the uploaded contacts, you will have to upgrade your billing tier. 

Do you count subscribers twice if I add them to two different segments?

We count your subscribers only once, irrespective of how many segments they belong to. Additionally, we don't charge for duplicate contacts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments via: -

Visa - Credit, Debit, Prepaid

MasterCard - Credit, Debit, Prepaid

American Express - Credit, Prepaid

What will happen in case I add more contacts than what I paid for?

Our software will automatically detect such an activity and it will consequently notify you to upgrade your plan type to a higher billing tier.

In which currency will I be charged?

All payments in NotifyVisitors are processed in USD. 

I am confused whether to choose an Enterprise Plan or a Startup Plan?

Many of our customers choose the Enterprises Plan over the Standard one due to the tremendous difference in the perks available under the Enterprise Plan. In an Enterprise Plan, the customers can upload more than 100000 contacts, dispatch more than 1500000 email campaigns, send unlimited number of Web Push Notifications, perform double the segmentation in comparison to the Startup Plan, and get 24/7 priority support from a dedicated customer success manager. If you're planning to leverage such lucrative features and would like to get dedicated support, then it's worth opting for the Enterprises Plan.

What if I want to forward more email campaigns than my monthly limit?

Whenever you exceed your email sending limit on a Free or Startup Plan, we'll give you the option to upgrade your plan and we'll forward a reminder email to your registered email ID as well informing you about the same. Kindly note that you'll always be asked to confirm an account upgrade. While your account upgrade is underway, you can keep on reaching the maximum number of clients you wish to have. Customers availing the Enterprises plan can send unlimited emails per month. Nonetheless, our fair use policy applies to comply with our anti-spam policy.

Do you offer migration support?

Yes, all of our customers availing the Enterprise Plan get a dedicated customer success manager who provides personalized migration support. The manager will not only help you import contacts, but also guide you in setting up your very first campaign as well as automations.

Can I contact a Customer Success Manager in order to get dedicated support to set everything up?

All our customers who opt for the Enterprise Plan get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides migration support, helps set up your first automations as well as campaigns and offers continual personalized support to ensure that you're making the most of the NotifyVisitors’ features.

If you have any doubt or want to know more about our pricing plans, click here.

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