How To Setup A Welcome Series Journey

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Automated Journeys are crucial for every e-commerce store. They deliver your message at the right time to users. Therefore, to help you get started, NotifyVisitors offers many predefined journeys.

The welcome series is a great way to nurture new customers when they register on the website or subscribe to the newsletter. It offers you a chance to make a great first impression on your prospective buyer. Welcome series flow introduces subscribers to your brand and converts them into first-time customers.

Get Started With Predefined Welcome Series

To get started with the predefined journey, navigate to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard and then to the 'Journey' tab on the left menu. To create a welcome series for your new subscribers. Click on the 'customize' button of the welcome series template.

Now, you need to define these two things here viz.

Journey Name: Give a name to your journey. Here: Welcome new users.

Trigger Segment: The newsletter segment is already selected which will include all the new customers who signup / buy your product or subscribe to your newsletters. Whenever a user enters this segment, this welcome journey will be initiated for that user.

Next, click on the Create Journey button to have a look at the complete automated journey.

Welcome Series Overview

As you know that welcome flow is a great way to introduce yourself whenever someone signs up for your newsletter list. The welcome series includes three emails:

First Email - Sent Instantly

Introduce new subscribers to your brand and accumulate their email preferences. To send subscribers an email instantly after they opt-in, add an email directly after your flow's trigger with no Time Delay before it.

Second Email - After Three Days

Two days after they sign up, prompt them to like or follow you on social media.

Third Email - After Four Days

After four days, you can showcase your best-selling products. 

You can customize these emails and add more to this flow, such as push notifications and SMS messages. 

Automation Trigger Settings

The default trigger in the Welcome series is signing up for the newsletter, meaning when someone subscribes to your Signup form, he will enter the journey. 

Exit Conditions

The welcome journey has a default cancellation trigger that is set to Order place, meaning that the customer exits after getting all messages or placing the order. Apart from that, you can also exit them when the customer purchases a particular product or abandons a cart in your store.


You can add delay to automation stages and set the time value from immediately to several months. While the first message is better sent instantly, the delays for the second and third messages should be longer such as 3 to 7 days.


Although NotifyVisitors' predefined Welcome journey offers the best communication combination to deliver the best outcome, you are free to customize it as per your requirements; you can modify the content as per your brand guidelines and change the time interval between the two messages as per your strategy.

Once you are satisfied with the journey setup, simply click on the save button located in the top right corner and then click on the Publish journey button.

How To Add Users To The Newsletter Segment List

While building up a welcome flow, you will need to connect it to the specific segment. Below are the three key ways to add new users to a segment to trigger a welcome series:

  1. By signing up through a signup form
  2. By being manually added to a segment list
  3. Via the API

Now, whenever new signup happens, the user will be added to the newsletter segment and will start receiving the welcome emails. Your welcome journey is now active. You can now sit back and plan for the remaining must-have journeys while this one is taking care of your new customers. 

Here is a list of other must-have journeys you may want to activate.

  1. Cart Abandonment Journey
  2. Search Abandonment Journey
  3. Winback Series

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