Configuring Resend Setup In Broadcast Email Campaign

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Resending emails is a convenient way to engage those users who didn’t open your campaign. When you choose to resend any campaign, it allows you to double check and revamp its design in order to enhance the probability of it being opened. Additionally, it helps you reach out to those users who didn’t click on your campaign in the first place. 

To set Resend Setup in broadcast email campaigns in NotifyVisitors, follow these steps: -

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors dashboard > Campaigns. You can view the different campaigns under the REACH USERS VIA category.

2. Click on the Email to create a new email campaign.

3. There are 5 stages to creating a broadcast email campaign.

4. To reach the fifth stage that is Resend Setup, you have to complete all the 4 stages namely: -

Recipients- In this stage, you need to fill Campaign Information, Recipients and Tracking Rules.

Content- In this stage, you need to add the Campaign details, and design your email campaign via the Rich Text Editor or the Drag & Drop Editor.

Review- Here you review all the details that you have mentioned in the initial two stages.

Send/Schedule- In this stage, you have to determine when you want to send this email campaign just once or want to make it recurring.


Resend Setup is not applicable in case of recurring campaigns.

A/B Testing can not be performed in the case of Resend Setup.

5. Now, the last stage is Resend Setup. To configure it, click on Add More Stage to proceed further.

6. Here, you need to create a new campaign which will be sent to the users in case they don't open or click on the first email. This particular setup will have 2 stages i.e Recipients and Content.

Once the above setup is done, you need to determine the audience, and for that, you will get two options viz.

1. Users didn’t open the campaign.

2. Users didn’t click on the campaign.

Irrespective of the option you select, you can resend the email campaign to your customers either by using the same settings which you configured for the original campaign or by tweaking the pre-existing settings via changing the Tracking Rules and altering the Campaign Content.

7. Now, determine the days or time gap to resend your campaign.

8. Once you click on Update, your Resend Setup stage will reflect like this.

What is the best time to send resend campaigns?

The best time to send/resend your email campaign is: -

  6 AM: For those  who start their day by reading emails in bed.

 10 AM: It's ideal office time when everyone gets settled down.

  2 PM: When people are checking out of work mode, looking for distractions or have some spare time.

  8 PM: For those who view their emails before bed at the end of the day.

When should you resend your Campaign?

This is an important factor that you should consider while sending a resend campaign. You can: -


•  Resend email for follow up.

•  Resend email for reminder.

•  Resend email with a correction.

Some of the best practices for Resending Emails

The first thing that you need to consider while resending the email campaign is to use a different subject line. For instance, if the original was not actionable, make the new one actionable. Not only this, you can use numbers in the new one instead of text. If there were no emojis, use emojis . Just make sure to make it noticeably different.

Second, make sure you resend email campaigns after an interval of 48 hours. 

Third, don’t resend your campaign more than once. If recipients ignore your email for the second time, it means they are not interested, and you should not send them the campaign anymore.


How will it impact your outcome?

You need to remember that resending the same campaign to non-openers shouldn’t be considered like the original one. Since you’ve already moved the most engaged portion of your audience. Therefore, remaining results should be measured separately from the first-sends.

Usually, the open rate of the remailed campaign is about 50% of the original campaign. But click, and conversion rates may differ. However, optimizing your email campaigns this way helps you improve the aggregated overall campaign outcomes.

Do's and Don'ts scenarios for resend campaigns


•  Do resend “The last chance” sale reminders.

•  Do resend new product launches and alerts.

•  Do resend popular back-in-stock emails.

•  Do resend other IMPORTANT announcements.


•  Don’t resend your campaigns if you are a daily sender.

•  Don’t resend every single email, if it is not important.

•  Don't resend for announcing flash sales and other time-sensitive messages.

•  Don’t resend email campaigns to unengaged contacts. 

How can you check the analytics?

To check the analytics of your resend campaign follow these steps: -

1. Navigate to your resend campaign> Analytics

2. Once you click on analytics, you will be able to check all the email analytics. Have a look at the screenshot below.

This is how you can set the Resend Setup stage in your broadcast email campaign.

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