Configuring resend setup for Push Campaigns

Modified on Sun, 28 Apr 2024 at 07:24 AM

Engaging users through push campaigns is incredibly effective, but sometimes, the challenge arises when the initial push notification goes unnoticed or accidentally closed by users. Utilizing push resend can be a valuable tool to reconnect with users who may have missed your initial campaign. 

In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up resend options in push campaigns, providing tips on timing, best practices, and how it can significantly impact your campaign results.

To set up push resend and enhance the effectiveness of your push campaign, navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard and go to the campaigns section. Click on “Create Campaign” and select the desired push campaign you want to create - web push, android push, or iOS push.

There are 5 stages of creating a push campaign. To proceed to the resend setup step, it is crucial to successfully navigate through the initial four stages - description, media, advanced options, and targeting rules. 

Once you reach the fifth step i.e., “Schedule Notification,” you will find an option “Resend Notification.” Select the Resend Notification tab and here click on the “add stage” option.

After clicking on the "Add Stage" option, a new screen will pop up, prompting you to schedule a resend notification.

  • Here, you can specify the rule for resending notifications, i.e., resend when the user didn't receive the notification or didn’t click on it, or both. 
  • Specify the day(s) and time for the resend. 
  • Also, select the appropriate time zone to ensure accurate scheduling.

Now click on next, a new screen shall appear where you will have to click on create notification option. Once you click on create notification option you will be presented with description and media of your initial notification. If required you can make changes for these two options, other settings such as advance options and targeting rules will remain the same.

Once description and media settings are done, click on the finish button, and you will revert back to the original push campaign screen where you will find the details of the stage you added for the resend notification.

Now you can click on the finish option to complete the process of creating your push campaign. You will find your original push campaign as well as the resend campaign on the campaign list page. Also you can click on the actions option to access the analytics of your resend push campaign.


In conclusion, configuring resend setups in push campaigns demands a strategic approach. By understanding your audience, choosing optimal timings, and adhering to best practices, you can significantly enhance the impact of your push notifications. Regularly analyze analytics to fine-tune your resend strategies, ensuring sustained user engagement and maximizing the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts.

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