How to verify the NotifyVisitors tracking code

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Adding NotifyVisitors’ integration code to your website allows you to run different kinds of marketing campaigns on your website along with tracking the basic behavior of the browsers and devices through which your users are browsing your website. In this article, we will discuss how to verify NotifyVisitors’ tracking code.

You must check whether NotifyVisitors requests are visible on your site in order to ensure that the tracking codes are correctly installed. If the tracking code has been installed correctly, the NotifyVisitors requests will get started properly. You can verify the NotifyVisitors tracking code using different browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to verify the NotifyVisitors tracking code using Google Chrome

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your website URL.
  2. Click on the developer tool.

  1. Go to inspect and click on Elements. Press ‘Ctrl + F’ in the search bar and type notify_visitors.

  1. Click on ‘Network’ and type 'nv_' in the filter box to view only the network requests.
  2. Refresh the page to view the requests. Click on the Name to view the unique Brand ID and BID_e as shown below.


If you do not see any requests, then this means that the NotifyVisitors tracking code has not been installed properly. If you find many brand IDs in your developer's tool, then there could be a possibility of having several tracking codes.

How to verify the NotifyVisitors tracking code using Mozilla Firefox

  1. Navigate to your site.
  2. Click on the three lines appearing in the top right corner of your screen. Click on ‘More Tools’ and then click on ‘Web Developer Tools’.

  1. Go to the developer tool and click on Inspector. Type notify_visitors in the search bar.

  1. Type 'nv_to view the NotifyVisitors requests.

  1. The unique brand ID for this request is clearly visible.

Troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue

In case you don’t find the NotifyVisitors integration code on your HTML 

It means that the NotifyVisitors code has not been installed correctly. You can follow the steps below to solve the issues and successfully install the NotifyVisitors tracking code.

  1. Simply copy the tracking code for NotifyVisitors from your website dashboard.
  2. Copy the tracking code from the “Integration” section of your NotifyVisitors dashboard and paste it on the header of your website or you can integrate the NotifyVisitors code via GTM.

Things To Avoid:

  1. Pasting the tracking code into a text editor will alter the syntax of the tracking code slightly. This will result in a failed installation.
  2. This issue generally takes place if you are pasting the code in the text editor. This will directly impact the installation of the tracking code as certain programs will change the syntax of the code.

In case the code is present in the HTML but the network request fails 

If the code is present in the HTML but the network request fails then the Brand ID and Brand Key must be wrongly entered. Check again and verify the correct Brand ID and Brand Key.

How To Avoid This Issue:

If you see more than one BrandID in a window or the same Integration code is present more than once, it signifies that there are multiple tracking codes installed. This will hamper the issues in tracking.

  1. Remove all the tracking codes that you have installed.
  2. The ‘integration’ section of the NotifyVisitors dashboard is where you can find the tracking code for your website. 
  3. Copy the URL and paste it on the header of your website.
  4. Reinstall the correct NotifyVisitors tracking code.

By following these steps you can correctly verify the NotifyVisitors tracking code on site URLs using different browsers.

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