Getting started with App integration: A comprehensive guide for partners

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NotifyVisitors offers robust customer data management services for websites and seamless integrations for partner applications. If, for instance, you are the developer of App B and aim to provide Customer Data Platform (CDP) features to your clients like Store A, an e-commerce merchant, integrating your app with NotifyVisitors can be the solution. This integration allows you to effortlessly offer CDP capabilities to your customers.

Moreover, if your clients are already utilizing NotifyVisitors and they want to maintain data synchronization between your app and NotifyVisitors, then this integration can efficiently facilitate that too.

This guide is exclusively tailored for partners seeking a smooth integration experience with NotifyVisitors. It outlines the essential steps required to successfully integrate your platform with our services, enabling you to provide enhanced functionalities to your users.

Follow this guide to seamlessly integrate your application with NotifyVisitors and unlock the full potential of customer data management.

1. Create a partner account

The first step in integrating your platform with NotifyVisitors is to sign up for a partner account with NotifyVisitors. For this purpose, you need to contact our support team, they will guide you through the partner account creation process.

2. Create an App to obtain Client ID and Client Secret

After successfully creating your partner account, you'll be directed to the NotifyVisitors dashboard. 

Next, you need to create an app in order to obtain a client ID and client secret for the authorization process.

Follow these steps to create an app:

- Ensure you are in the dashboard section.

- Click on "App Management."

- Select "Create App."

In the pop-up window that appears, provide the following details:

- App Name: This should be the name of your platform or company.

- App URL: Enter the address of your website.

- App Redirect URL: This is the redirect url where you will receive the authorization code after the completion of authorization flow

- Upload an App Icon: Add your brand's logo (Image size should be less than 1MB.

Once you've filled in these details, click the "Submit" button. This will save your app as a draft, and a client ID and Client Secret will be generated, which you'll need for the next steps.

3. Start building integration

Now that your app is in draft and your Client ID and Client Secret is generated, you can proceed with the OAuth process to integrate your brand with NotifyVisitors. Please refer to our detailed "How to set up the OAuth flow" guide for step-by-step instructions.


During this OAuth process, you should exclusively use your partner account—the same account you used to create the app.

Let's illustrate this with an example: Imagine your company is "InviteReferrals," a referral program software and you also have your own customer account at InviteReferrals. Now, you've created a partner account at NotifyVisitors using the ID lets say, and you've named your app "InviteReferrals." Once this app is in draft, you can initiate the OAuth process using only your partner account, i.e. in this case and configure the APIs for user data, events, or any other data exchange you require. You can find additional details in our documentation at (

4. Submit your App for listing

After you've successfully completed the OAuth process and configured the necessary APIs for your partner account, you can submit your app for approval. Follow these steps:

Return to the dashboard.

- Click on "App Management," where you'll find your created app.

- Click the "Edit" button to make any necessary modifications and ensure all information is accurate.

- Once you've verified everything, upload the app for approval by clicking the "Upload" button located on the far right.

Our team will review your app and the APIs associated with your partner account. If everything is in order, your app will be approved and you will see an 'active' status. In the event of any issues, our team will contact you to assist with the process.

Once your app is approved, your customers can authorize data sharing between your app and NotifyVisitors. For more information on how this authorization process works for customers, please refer to the “OAuth flow for your customers” sectionof our guide "How to set up the OAuth flow".

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate your platform with NotifyVisitors and enhance your data-sharing capabilities.

5. Promote app with co-marketing activities

Once you have successfully integrated your app with NotifyVisitors, the next crucial step is to ensure that your customers are aware of this integration and can easily access their data through NotifyVisitors from within your app. To achieve this, you should engage in co-marketing activities to promote the integration effectively. Here are some strategies you can employ:

1. Write knowledgebase articles:

Create informative and easy-to-follow knowledge base articles that instruct your users on how to utilize the integration. Provide step-by-step guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth user experience.

2. Write a blog article:

Announce the integration through a blog article on your website. Share the benefits of the integration and how it enhances your app's functionality. Include backlinks to NotifyVisitors' website, providing users with more information.

3. Display NotifyVisitors logo:

Showcase the NotifyVisitors logo prominently on your website and within your app settings. This reinforces the integration's credibility and informs users of the partnership.

4. Feature in monthly newsletter:

Include the integration in your monthly newsletter to keep your user base informed about the latest developments. Highlight how this integration can benefit them and encourage them to explore it further.

5. Social Media Posts:

Leverage your social media platforms to promote the integration. Craft engaging posts that emphasize the value it brings to your users. Consider using visuals and videos to capture attention.

6. Exclusive free plan offer:

Attract your customers by offering them an exclusive free plan of NotifyVisitors through your integration. This not only incentivizes them to try it out but also demonstrates your commitment to enhancing their experience.

These co-marketing activities will not only create awareness but also encourage your users to explore and utilize the NotifyVisitors integration. By actively promoting the integration, you can maximize its adoption and ensure that your customers benefit from the added value it brings to your app.

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