Integrate Amazon SES As An Email Service Provider

Modified on Mon, 21 Aug 2023 at 06:13 PM

Amazon SES is a pay-per-use service that helps you build email functionality into an application running on AWS. Amazon SES can be utilized for automated messages to customers about product order status, sending invitations or announcements, or error alerts. 

Configuring Amazon SES In NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors allows you to add Amazon SES as an email service provider. That means you can send emails to your customers using it.

To configure Amazon SES, Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Settings> Channel> Email

Now, click on Add Service Provider to select Amazon SES as the service provider.

After that, you need to fill in the information to configure it such as the Access key, Secret Key and so on. 


Name- Name of your Amazon Ses account, so that if you want to use more than one Amazon Ses account, you can identify them uniquely

Access keys- Access keys are the authentication keys to allow NotifyVisitors to send emails via AWS. You will get the Access key and Secret key from the AWS Management Console. Know the steps on how to get the keys below.

Region- Here you need to select the region for which you want to use Amazon SES as an email service provider.

Configuration set name- This will help NotifyVisitors to collect Delivery stats from SES and show the stats in the panel against the campaigns sent.

Note: If you tick the Save as Default checkbox then Amazon SES will be automatically set as a default for upcoming campaigns.

How to add Amazon SES as an email service provider in a campaign?

To add Amazon SES as an email service provider, Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Campaigns> Email.

There are five stages for creating an email campaign.

In the Content Stage, you get an option to select the service provider from the dropdown for that particular campaign. 

Here we have added Amazon SES as a service provider for this campaign. Likewise, you can select any other service provider as well for your campaign.

Note: In the case of multiple Amazon SES accounts, you can also select a particular Amazon SES account for a particular campaign.

How to get Access Keys from AWS Management Console?

To get the Access Key and Secret key, Sign in to the AWS Management Console as an IAM user.

In the navigation bar on the upper right, choose your user name and then select My Security Credentials.


Now, to create an access key, choose to Create an access key. When prompted, select either the Show secret access key or the Download .csv file.


Login to your AMAZON SES account

Amazon account

Now, Navigate to the search bar to search for Simple Email Services

Simple Email Service

Next, navigate to the Email sending > Configuration set in order to create the configuration set.

Configuration Sets

Click on the Create Configuration set and assign a name to it. Click on Create configuration set to process further.

Create configuration set

Assign name

Note: Assign a name with a hyphen or underscore.

Next, navigate to ACTIONS to edit the Configuration Set and select the destination type.

Edit configuration set

Event destination

Select SNS as your destination type and assign it a name. 
Event types: Now select the following checkboxes: Reject, Delivery, Bounce, Complaint.

SNS destination

Once you assign the name and select the event types. Click on the SAVE button to proceed further and create a SUBSCRIPTION.

Create subscription

Click on Create subscription and put the following webhook URL in the ENDPOINT field as given below in the image.

Webhook Url

Webhook URL

Once you put the URL in the field, the tracking of your email campaigns will begin and you can view the stats in the NotifyVisitors dashboard.

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