Integrating Messagebird as email service provider

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Email is one of the most popular and effective means of engaging with users. NotifyVisitors offers a seamless way to add Messagebird, a leading email service provider. By using Messagebird with NotifyVisitors, businesses can enhance their email capabilities, streamline communication, and deliver engaging content to their users. In this article, we will explore the process of configuring Messagebird in NotifyVisitors and highlight the prerequisites for a successful integration.

Prerequisites before integration

To integrate MessageBird as an email service provider in NotifyVisitors, retrieving your API credentials from the MessageBird dashboard is crucial. These credentials serve as the key to establishing a seamless connection between NotifyVisitors and MessageBird.

The integration process can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Authenticate sender email/domain: Before proceeding with the integration, make sure to authenticate the sender email or domain in your MessageBird account. This authentication step is vital as it ensures that your emails are recognized as legitimate and reduces the likelihood of them being marked as spam or rejected by recipient servers.
  • Obtain API key: Once the sender email/domain is authenticated, navigate to the MessageBird dashboard. Locate the section where API credentials are generated. Generate a new API key specific to your NotifyVisitors integration. This API key acts as a unique identifier, allowing NotifyVisitors to securely communicate with your MessageBird account.

By following these steps, you can successfully add MessageBird as an email service provider in your NotifyVisitors campaign.

Configuring Messagebird in NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors smoothly integrates with Messagebird, providing a hassle-free method to utilize Messagebird as your preferred email service provider. To configure Messagebird in NotifyVisitors, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard and go to Settings.
  • Under the Channels section, select Email.
  • Click on "Add Service Provider" to choose Messagebird as the provider.

  • Fill in the required information to configure Messagebird:

  • Service provider: Select Messagebird message bird as the service provider from the drop down menu.
  • Name: Enter a unique name for your Messagebird account. This is helpful if you have multiple Messagebird accounts and want to differentiate them.
  • API key: Retrieve your Messagebird API key from the Messagebird dashboard. Copy and paste the API key into the designated field in NotifyVisitors.
  • Sender email: Specify the "from" email address you want to use for sending emails through Messagebird.

Note: If you wish to set Messagebird as the default service provider for upcoming campaigns, you can tick the "Save as Default" checkbox.

  • Save the configuration settings to complete the integration of Messagebird as your email service provider in NotifyVisitors.
  • The newly added service provider shall appear under the service provider head

Remember, configuring Messagebird as the email service provider ensures that NotifyVisitors utilizes Messagebird's reliable infrastructure for efficient email delivery.

Adding Messagebird as an email service provider in a campaign

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard and go to Campaigns, then select Email campaigns.

  • In the Content Stage of creating an email campaign, you will find an option to select the service provider from the dropdown menu for that specific campaign.

  • Choose Messagebird as the service provider for the campaign. By selecting Messagebird, you can leverage its robust email infrastructure to send your campaign emails.
  • If you have multiple Messagebird accounts, you can also select a specific Messagebird account for a particular campaign.

Configure webhook for tracking delivered, bounced, rejected and unsubscribed email rates

Messagebird offers analytics that enable you to gain insights into your subscribers' preferences and enhance email delivery rates. To track the results, follow these steps:

  • Access your Messagebird account and navigate to the “configuration” section.
  • Go to the “webhooks” and click on “create a Webhook”.

  • Enter the webhook name and a desired Callback URL in the “target URL” input box. This URL should be the endpoint where you want to receive webhook notifications for tracking email events. To send webhook to NotifyVisitors,  update the below mentioned endpoint:

  • Now select the “message events” option under the event section.

  • Further choose the "None" option under the authentication type section. 

  • Click on create webhook.
  • Now, enable the webhook status to activate the webhook and start receiving event notifications.

If any of the email campaigns results in bounces or drops, NotifyVisitors will label the corresponding email addresses as inactive. By accessing the email report screen, you can observe the count of email bounces. This allows you to identify the shortcomings in your strategies and make necessary improvements. Furthermore, you can determine the appropriate actions to take based on this analysis.

By adding Messagebird as the email service provider in your campaign, you can utilize its reliable delivery system to ensure your emails reach your recipients effectively.

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