Tracking Email Replies Via The NotifyVisitors Dashboard

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NotifyVisitors offers the functionality to view replies to your email campaigns via the NotifyVisitors dashboard. You can save the entire conversation of an email campaign sent to any contact present within your contact list. Furthermore, you can view your contacts’ profiles by enabling conversation tracking.

Usually an email campaign is dispatched to multiple contacts, each of whom might reply back to the campaign more than once. However, it is obvious that not every single contact will respond to your campaigns at the same time. This can make the process of tracking the responses from a specific client to a particular campaign, a very cumbersome task. 

The purpose of email reply tracking is to gather all the replies to a specific email campaign from a particular contact in one place. This way email reply tracking makes it convenient for you to view and manage all the replies to a specific campaign which in turn not only saves your time but also enables you to promptly adjust your marketing strategy for any specific client.

Email reply tracking also enables you to ascertain which all contacts are actively responding to your dispatched email campaigns. You can thereby leverage this information to create a segment which includes all those contacts who are active and a separate segment for those contacts who are inactive. 

Consequently, you can send differently designed campaigns to the segment containing non-responsive contacts in order to re-engage them or you can choose to forward further notifications to only those contacts who are actively showing interest in your marketing campaigns. 

How To Track Email Replies

The step by step process to track email replies via NotifyVisitors dashboard is as follows: -

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Campaigns> Campaign.

2. Click on the ‘Email’ option present under the ‘Reach Users Via’ section.

3. Upon doing so, a new frame would appear on-screen wherein you can configure your email campaign in five consecutive steps viz. Recipients, Content, Review, Send or Schedule, Resend Setup.

4. Within the ‘Recipients’ tab there exists a section titled ‘Tracking’ via which you can configure various tracking options available for your campaign. One of the available options is reply tracking which can be activated by clicking on the checkbox titled ‘Reply’. Click on this particular checkbox.

5. Once you click on the checkbox titled ‘Reply’, you would notice that an input field titled ‘Send Reply on CC’ automatically appears in the ‘Tracking’ section. Enter a desired email address within this field.

Kindly note that all the replies to your current campaign will be tracked and sent to the email address you provide within the ‘Send Reply on CC’ input field.

6. Enter the required details in the ‘Campaign Information’ section & configure the other available settings within the ‘Recipients’ and ‘Tracking’ sections and then click on the button titled ‘Continue To Content’.

7. Enter the required details & configure the settings of the remaining four tabs and finally deploy your email campaign. By default, the email campaign will get dispatched to all the contacts in your contact list.

Kindly note that in order to successfully deploy your campaign you would have to either send or schedule the campaign.

8. Navigate once again to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Campaigns> Campaign. Notice that your deployed email campaign now gets listed under the section titled ‘All Campaigns’.

9. Click on the button with three dots, present adjacent to the campaign’s name.

10. Click on the ‘Analytics’ option. Upon doing so, a new frame would appear on-screen which contains all the details of the campaign, as well as all the tracked information pertaining to the campaign. Click on the tab titled ‘Email Conversations’ within this frame.

11. Under the ‘Email Conversations’ tab, you would notice a section titled ‘Conversations List’ which contains all the saved conversations or replies from those contacts who responded back to your email campaign. In particular, the ‘Conversations List’ would contain a list of the email ids of the contacts who replied back.

12. You can view the number of replies you received from each contact who responded back to the campaign from the ‘Conversations List’.

13. In order to view the exact response from a specific contact, simply click on the button titled ‘View Conversations’ present next to the contact’s email id listed within the ‘Conversations List’. Upon clicking on the ‘View Conversations’ button, a new section titled ‘Replies’ would appear as shown in the screenshot below.

14. In the ‘Replies’ section you can view all the replies your campaign received from the specific contact whose email Id you selected from the ‘Conversations List’. In order to view the complete profile of the selected contact, simply click on the ‘View Full Profile’ button within the ‘Replies’ section.

This way NotifyVisitors makes it convenient for you to view replies to your email campaigns and thereby paves the way for you to leverage this information to attune your marketing strategies to target specific contacts.

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