How to Design a Sign up Form

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A successful email marketing campaign must include an email signup form. Customers are accustomed to filling out sign-up forms, therefore even minor design flaws or errors in the data you request can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Only a credible signup form will help you in expanding your email list. 

NotifyVisitors provides the Drag and Drop tool to design Signup Forms in the best possible manner. The editor helps in bringing the best outcome when designing a signup form from scratch or using pre-designed themes from the gallery. 

In this article, you will learn about -

› Types of signup form

› Complete process to design signup forms. 

Types of signup form

Let’s begin with the process of designing a signup form-

Once you click on create a signup form, a new modal will appear where you will have to select a form as per the requirement of your website. NotifyVisitors provide you with 2 types of Signup forms namely:-

                                                  1. Slider                                             2. Sticky Bar


A slider signup form is a type of user interface element that can either slide out as a small popup window or be embedded in a specific section of a webpage.

When you select the slider signup form-

› Click on the continue option available at the bottom left,

› A new screen shall follow where you will have to choose from the gallery whether you want to create your own slider signup form or use predefined themes for the same 

Sticky Bar

A sticky bar signup form is a narrow strip that remains fixed to the top or bottom of a webpage, usually even when the user scrolls the page.

› When you select sticky bar signup form, the following screen shall follow

› Now, click on “continue” button and further select the suitable theme or create your own sticky bar signup form.

Creating Sign Up Form

Creating a signup form with NotifyVisitors drag and drop tool is a very easy process. Follow along the instructions below to create one for yourself. 

For this example we are going to choose the slider category and we’ll create a form from scratch. To do this click on “create your own.” 

Step 1: When you click create your own, the following window will appear. Where you have to fill in the form title, select the position of form, and select a segment.

You can either select the existing segment or can create a new one. If you want to learn how to create a new segment click here.

When you click on create, the following screen shall follow. Over the description tab you can start with the designing of your own signup form using the drag and drop editor.

You can also click on the change form type button at the top to change the dimensions of the form. And click on embedded if you want to embed this form on your website. Click here to learn more about embedding signup forms.

 Step 2: Drag and drop the form tool from the contents and click on “edit form.”

Step 3: A new modal shall follow where you will have to select the suitable form layout and then click on “create form” button.

Step 4: Next, you will be presented with these fields. If you want to add any other field to your form, simply click on the “add new field" button and select the desired field from the drop down.

To fill in the details in these fields simply click on the “edit" button of the particular field and fill in the “label” and “placeholder text.”

After filling up the desired information, you’ll notice the “map user attribute” option at the end of each field. This is used to map user data with an attribute. In other words we just tell the system about what type of data is this, i.e if a user enters a number, you have to tell the system, whether it's a phone number, user ID number, or something else, by mapping it with the desired option.

For example - If in the name field, we select “first name” from the map user attribute section, every text entered in the placeholder text box will be mapped as first name.

Step 5: Now, click on “create form” and your custom signup form design will appear. To further enhance its looks click on the form, and a content menu will appear in the left panel.

Step 6: At first the menu shows the edit option, from here you can edit your form again if needed, and after this we have general options such as width, alignment,and font options for the form.

Step 7: Next we have form elements with various categories

a) Manage Fields - Under this you can move the fields up down by simply dragging up or down. You can also rename the fields, edit them, and delete as well.

b) Label Option - This offers you the options to customize your label’s text colour, font, spacing, position, etc. 

c) Field Options - From here you can change the background colour, text colour, border options, etc.

d) Button Options - Here you can customize the buttons of your signup. You can change width, text color, background color, alignment, spacing, etc. of the buttons.

Step 8: After you set up your form, you can use the block options at the end of the content menu to adjust the spacing of your sign-up form.

By following all these steps you can design your signup form. To further customize it i.e. adding background image, list, icons, etc. you can learn the remaining designing tools given in the description tab by clicking here.

In case you choose a predefined theme, the following modal shall follow where you can edit the form fields, customize them and manage its elements according to your wish. 

At last click on “save and continue” to move to next step.


Thank You Tab

After clicking “save and continue,” you will be navigated to the Thank you tab where you will have to create a thank you message for the subscribers. Just drag and drop the text tool and enter a thank you message. 

Next, add rows, images, buttons, and choose colours as per your preference, just like we did in the description tab.

Once done, click on “save and continue.”

Settings Tab

After clicking “save and continue,” you will next be navigated to this Settings tab. Here you have options such as double opt-in verification, page redirect, auto-close & close button timer, minimize option, along with various animations to choose from.

For double opt-in verification, if your form contains email and phone number field, you’ll get options for email verification as well as OTP verification, and if your form contains email, you’ll see only email verification option here, and similarly if your form contains only phone number you’ll see only OTP verification option here.

You can also design your double opt-in email template by clicking on the “edit double opt-in email template” link or click here to learn more.

Targeting rules tab

You will move to the Targeting Rules tab where you will have to set up targeting rules for your signup form campaign.

With this feature, you can target specific segments of your audience based on a variety of criteria, such as their location, device, referral source, and more. This allows you to create highly targeted campaigns that are more likely to resonate with your audience and achieve your desired results.

To know more about targeting rules, please refer “How to optimize your onsite campaign with targeting rules”.

After defining the rules, click on Finish.

Activating Sign-up form

Once you click on finish, you will be redirected to the signup forms list where you can see all the signup forms campaigns. You must activate the signup campaign to make it go live. Also, you may control the state of the sign-up campaign here to active or inactive as per your convenience.

Your sign up form campaign is ready to be viewed by your visitors.


Designing a signup form with NotifyVisitors Drag and drop tool is an effortless task. It facilitates in creating an appealing and user-friendly signup form through which you can easily achieve marketing goals. Thus, an effective signup form increases conversions and engagement of customers.

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