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Modified on Sun, 02 Jul 2023 at 10:39 AM

Irrespective of how cautious and meticulous one is while creating a campaign, it is still quite possible that one might miss out on a few details and forget including some fundamental facet, section, module or component within the email campaign such as an important CTA link, unsubscribe link etc.

NotifyVisitors incorporates pre-programmed checks to detect such flaws inadvertently caused while creating an email campaign and consequently alerts users about the same in the form of warnings or error messages.

In case you encounter such warnings while creating a campaign, you might want to resolve them prior to dispatching your message since flawed campaigns might implicitly convey unprofessionalism to the receivers. In this article we mention a few error messages that users frequently encounter along with the ways to resolve or obviate them.

Let’s begin

Missing call to action links

Warning message: CTA link in content is missing.

This specific warning message appears in case either your plain text or your custom HTML email campaigns do not include any call to action links. To address this warning, simply peruse your email campaign in order to ensure that all the required content has been added including the necessary CTA links. In case you do not wish to include any links except the unsubscribe link within your email campaign, then you can ignore this particular warning message.

Missing unsubscribe link

Warning message: Unsubscribe link is missing.

This specific warning message appears in case you did not add an unsubscribe tag (for instance, <a href="|UNSUB|" ></a>) in your email. In order to address this particular warning, simply add an unsubscribe link in your email campaign.

Missing email content

Warning message: Email content is missing.

This specific warning message appears either in case you did not include any content viz. text, images, graphics etc. within your email campaign. In order to resolve this issue, simply include content in your email campaign.

This way via the email campaign review section, NotifyVisitors forewarns you about the possible flaws or imperfections inadvertently caused during the process of creating email campaigns.

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