Configure DND Hours

Modified on Wed, 18 May, 2022 at 12:54 AM

Setting up the DND hours allows you to handle user engagement across different channels in a customer journey. You can prevent users from receiving campaigns or messages during the hours when they are not active or the hours when they are asleep.

How To Set Up DND Hours In NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors allows you to set up the DND settings via the NotifyVisitors dashboard. You can configure these by default settings for any campaigns, such as web push, email, or SMS campaigns. These settings help you set a specific time when the users will not receive the campaigns. Otherwise, it can create havoc in the user engagement process as receiving continuous messages can lead to uninstalling your apps.

You can choose to determine the “do not disturb hours” for various days of the week. Whatever hours you will set, the users will not receive your campaigns or messages during that specific slot as per their timezone.


Below are the steps to set up DND functionality manually :

1. Navigate to Settings, then scroll down, and find  DND.

2. Now, you can choose the days from the drop-down menu to define the day when the user will not receive the campaign.

Also, specify the time slot from the drop-down menu during which the users will not receive the campaigns.

Note: You can add as many fields as you want to specify the time slot and days when you want your users not to receive the messages.

For example, You can determine when users are in a working mode or during their inactive hours. The major reason behind setting the DND hours functionality is that you can avoid the negligence of the customers during these hours as you know that they will not respond or perform any action.


3. Next, hit the SAVE button, and you are good to go!

Note: If you have configured the DND in the Settings section, you still have an option to disable it for any particular campaign. All you have to do is Choose NO while setting tracking rules on the Recipients stage. 

How To Disable DND Hours In Email Campaigns

1) Navigate to the NotifyVisitors dashboard> Campaigns

2) Next, click on Email given under the Reach users Via category. 

3) You can disable the “Do not disturb hours” in email in two ways:

In the first way, you can disable the Do not disturb while creating a new campaign. You can find this option on the first page i.e, Recipients. 

Now, scroll down to the tracking section. Here you can disable the Do not disturb

In the second way, you can navigate directly to the EDIT section of any already created campaign and then go to the Recipients section.

Now, scroll down to the tracking section to find the “DND” ( same as the first way) and choose NO to disable the DND hours.


Follow the above steps to disable the DND hours settings for any particular campaign.

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