Campaign Labels In NotifyVisitors

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Labels are words that you can use to categorize Campaigns by topics, target audiences, purposes, and more. Labels help you to keep the Campaigns in an organized manner and simplify your workflow in a number of ways. Once a label is assigned to a Campaign, you may easily locate what you're looking for by filtering the Campaigns overview page by that label.

How To Create A New Campaign Label

To create a new Campaign Label:

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Settings.

2. Under the Setup head, click on Campaign Labels.

3. Next, click on the option 'Create New Campaign Label'.

4. A new modal shall follow where you will have to enter the name of the label.

5. Now, click on Create.

You can create as many 'Campaign Labels' as you want. All of your Campaign Labels shall be listed together under the Campaign Label head. The following picture depicts few Campaign Labels:

How To Edit Or Delete A Campaign Label

To edit a Campaign Label:

1. Click on edit action of the campaign label you want to edit.

2. Enter the New label and click on update.

To delete a Campaign Label:

1. Click on delete action of the Campaign Label you want to remove.

2. Just Click on the delete option.

How To Add A Label To A Campaign

To add Label to new Campaign:

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Campaigns.

2. Choose the type of Campaign you want to run (say Email Campaign).

3. Enter the Campaign name and select the required Campaign Label from the drop down menu.

4. If you want to create a new Campaign Label, Click on the option 'Create New Label'.

5. A new modal shall follow. Enter the name of the label and click on create Label.

To add Label to an existing Campaign:

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Campaigns.

2. All the existing Campaigns (finished or running or saved as Draft) will appear.

3. Click on the edit option of the existing Campaign.

4. A new modal shall appear. Just select the Label from the drop down menu or else click on the create new label.


5. Also you can add multiple Labels to a single Campaign.

How To Search Campaigns By Label

To search for Campaigns with a particular label:

1. Just Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Campaign. 

2. Find and click over Campaign Label drop down menu.

3. Select the required Labels from the drop down menu. 

You will see the Campaigns filtered by the Labels you selected.

Label Reports


You can also view label-wise reports for your campaigns by navigating to the campaign section and under the engagement section, select the campaign type you want to analyze such as web push, email, sms, etc. Next, scroll down to the label-wise report section to see a combined report of all the email campaigns categorized in labels.



It's important to note that if you add multiple labels to a campaign, the campaign's data will appear in the report for all the labels that have been added. For example, if you send an email containing both transactional and promotional content and add both "transactional" and "promotional" labels to it, the data for that campaign (such as sent, delivered, clicks, etc.) will appear in the report for both labels.

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