How to create a Whatsapp template

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One of the crucial prerequisites for creating a WhatsApp campaign is creating templates. When creating templates, make sure they align with your campaign objectives and the nature of your business. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating WhatsApp templates in NotifyVisitors, highlighting the significance of these new features.

Below are the outlined steps to create a WhatsApp template:

  1. Go to NotifyVisitors Dashboard > campaigns > templates >  whatsapp templates

  1. Click on “create whatsapp template”. A new prompt shall appear where you need to enter template name and click on create. 

  1. A new modal shall appear where you have to configure the newly created whatsapp template.

  1. Enter the template name
  2. Select a suitable template category i.e. authentication, utility, marketing.
  • Authentication: Templates related to user authentication and security measures for verifying user identities.
  • Utility: Templates that provide functional tools and features to enhance user experience and streamline processes like order confirmation message.
  • Marketing: Templates designed to promote products, services, or ideas and engage users through effective communication and branding strategies.

  1. Select suitable language for your template as per your target audience. Default language for a template is english

  1. Select your service provider

  1. Now compose the content of your whatsapp template. Specify the type of template you want to create
  • Text- Select text where you want to simply include plain text in your template
  • Image- Select image where you want to include image in your message. You can add an image by providing its URL while creating a whatsapp campaign.
  • Video- Select video where you want to include video in your message. You can add video by providing its URL while creating a whatsapp campaign where you have chosen the required video template
  • Document- Select the document where you want to include the document in your message. You can add document while creating a whatsapp campaign where you have chosen the required document template
  1. Now enter the message which you got whitelisted from the service provider. Also you can add multiple personalized tags to your message and further specify a default value to a template variable. Like in this example {{$1}} is the tag and there is an assigned default value to the template variable. While creating a campaign, you can choose user personalized tag, USER[‘SYSTEM’][‘name’], and the tag will be replaced by the customer name. If the customer name will not be available then this default value will be assigned.

  1. If you want a button into your message, you can toggle the button switch on and set up one or more buttons to facilitate actions such as visiting a website or calling a phone number. 

  1. If you want to add a footer into your message, you can toggle the footer switch on and enter the footer text. 

  1. Now click on save changes to finish the template creation process. The template will now be available for use in your WhatsApp campaigns.
  2. You can find all the created whatsapp templates under the whatsapp template section.

  1. Here you can perform certain actions such as edit, duplicate or delete a template
  2. Further, there exists a "Status" column within WhatsApp templates, indicating the current state of a specific template as "Approved," "Pending," or "Rejected."
  • For NotifyVisitors service provider, templates are processed through NotifyVisitors panel only and you can track the status as "Approved," "Pending," or "Rejected".
  • To utilize templates from different service providers, you'll need to secure approval directly from those providers. Once you obtain their approval, you can then upload the sanctioned template to the NotifyVisitors panel. The status will automatically display as "Approved." It's crucial to ensure precise copying and pasting of the template, as even a minor variation could lead to message delivery failures.

Wrap Up

Creating WhatsApp templates is crucial for campaign success. Once your template is created, you'll have the option to select it when setting up a WhatsApp campaign. This streamlined process ensures easy access to the template, simplifying the creation of future campaigns. Templates enhance engagement and drive successful outcomes by providing a professional and efficient messaging process. To learn more about Whatsapp Campaign, Kindly refer to article “How to create a Whatsapp Campaign”.

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