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WhatsApp is a widely used platform for businesses to communicate with its audiences, and it's essential for them to understand how effective their marketing efforts are. To address this need, NotifyVisitors facilitate its users with “URL click tracking” feature to enhance tracking capabilities for Whatsapp Campaigns. This enhancement provides users with advanced tracking capabilities, enabling them to gain deeper insights into the impact of their messages, user engagement, and data-driven decision-making to optimize their WhatsApp marketing strategies. In this article, we will understand the WhatsApp click tracking mechanics and the invaluable insights it offers to enhance your campaign performance.

How to activate WhatsApp click tracking

The process is seamless and user-friendly. Just follow the steps laid down below:-

1. Create template

  • In the template message section, avoid directly entering the URL; instead, employ a variable placeholder, such as {{1}}.
  • After adding a variable a "template variables" field will appear.
  • Within the "template variables" field, fill in your default URL as defined in the accompanying image.
  • Now, complete the process by clicking on "Create Template" to save and store your configured settings.

2. Create campaign

Once your template is created, you can send trackable WhatsApp campaigns via this template.

  • Start creating your WhatsApp campaign using our guide, “How to create a WhatsApp campaign”. 
  • After filling in the recipients' field, select the template you created earlier. Remember only the templates that include URL as the variable will have the option to activate Whatsapp short URL for click tracking.

  • On the second page of your campaign creation, find your URL in the variables section, shown in the picture. Check mark “Enable short URL for click tracking” option to enable tracking. You can also add liquid tags in this URL by clicking on the user icon. To know more please refer to the article “Using personalized tags in Campaigns”.


Only the URLs used in the header and body of the template can be tracked. URLs used in the footer cannot be tracked.

  • Once click tracking is enabled, the system will encapsulate the link, shortening it to a trackable URL format.
  • Click on continue to review section where you can see the click tracking enabled along with the corresponding URL.

  • At last, you can schedule your campaign and once a WhatsApp campaign is sent out and recipients interact with the links, the system will track and record their clicks.

Analyze insights of click tracking

WhatsApp click tracking is the key to achieve the impact of your messages sent via Whatsapp campaigns. To access this you need to analyze the performance of your WhatsApp campaign. The following are the steps to view the insights of your WhatsApp campaigns-

  • Navigate to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard>campaigns
  • Locate the WhatsApp campaign for which you want to view click tracking stats
  • Click on the three dot icon available for the specific campaign and select analytics

  • Select the click stats section which provides a detailed breakdown of the total clicks and unique clicks for each tracked link, allowing you to identify which links resonate most effectively with your audience.


With URL click tracking for WhatsApp campaigns, you gain an edge in the highly competitive digital marketing landscape. By monitoring user engagement, tracking link performance, and gathering valuable insights, you can make informed decisions to optimize your campaigns effectively.

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